About AFA

The Academy of Finland-Afghanistan is a Finnish-Afghan scientific institute. The academy was established on December 15th, 2014 in a formal ceremony attended by Finnish and Afghan officials as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
The headquarter of the Academy is in Helsinki but is active globally. The Academy works in the fields of science, research, arts, sports, health and development of intercounty relations between Finland and Afghanistan. The Academy openly accepts members and always welcomes the cooperation of scientists, researchers and cultural figures. 

  Articles of Association

Board of directors

AFA is managed by a board consisting of a chair(person), two deputy chairs (one appointed to the science board and the other being a member of the board of directors) a secretary, a treasurer, and 2-6 other members.
The Board has pre-defined areas of responsibility, e.g. Managing the activities of AFA, representing it, managing the property of the association, creating and concluding a contract, etc.

Board of science

AFA's Executive Board is assisted by members of the Academy's Board of Science, that support and advise the Executive Board on matters of science, arts, education, research and other academic activities and affairs.
The Board of Science consists of the Chair person and Vice-Chairs of the Executive Board as well 3-15 members of the academic council.